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About Us

The Asiko Group offers authentic community engagement and development strategies, results-based facilitation skills and creative communication techniques with an emphasis on increasing the volume and diversity of participation.


Our team has significant experience providing authentic community engagement and development strategies. We’re based in Charleston, South Carolina and occasionally provide our services across the United States.

Thetyka Robinson

Thetyka Robinson

CEO | Chief Strategist

Thetyka has led and managed several community engagement and development campaigns focused on changing systemic issues impacting marginalized populations. Her approach is to bring creativity, curiosity, cultural knowledge, narrative and respect; and intentional listening to each project, creating spaces for communities to thrive with the power of co-creation for everyone involved.  

Radia Baxter

Radia Baxter

Civic Engagement Strategist & Influencer

Radia brings experienced leadership that drives impactful marketing, public relations, social campaigns, program development, and strategies through various organizations and companies. She is adept in gathering and analyzing community, cultural, educational, social and demographic data to develop and implement programs with excellent communication and leadership skills. 

What We Provide

Our thoughtful execution to community engagement strategies provides an ease of understanding for marginalized communities and confidence in engagement results by local decision-makers. 

Community Development

We work with organizations to identify and take collective action on issues which are important to them, empowering members and creating stronger and more connected communities.

Community Engagement

We utilize community engagement to achieve sustainable outcomes, equitable decision-making processes, and deepen relationships and trust between organizations and communities.

Results-Based Facilitation

We help groups and organizations move from talk to action by focusing on meeting results and by developing an accountability framework for action commitments.

Creative Alignment

We take a comprehensive look at everything an organization does from top to bottom and provide recommendations for correction, consistency and flow.

Our Solutions
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Our Beliefs

We believe that using comprehensive strategies and imaginative solutions, coupled with intentional implementation and authentic engagement, results in informed decision making, to develop stronger, more thriving communities. 

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